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Baton Rouge, LA Teens Create Watch to Help Caregivers Locate Patients Living with Dementia, Alzheime

Never Alz Alone1

Co-founders Tyshawn Howard and Brea Miles, both 18, of Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Tyshawn Howard and Brea Miles, both 18, of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, are one of this year’s competitors in the i.Invest National Youth Business Competition. Their tech start-up, Never Alz Alone, is dedicated to the caregivers and family members of those suffering with Alzheimer’s disease. We spoke with Tyshawn to learn more about their company’s goals and inspiration.

Tell us about your business.

Our product is a watch, via app connectivity, that notifies caregivers when their loved ones (diagnosed with Alzheimer’s) have wandered off past their restricted area (ex: home). A GPS location is sent to the caregivers’ phone allowing for a quick and easy find. Camera and audio visuals will also be available on the watch.

What inspired the creation of Never Alz Alone?

We were inspired to create Never Alz Alone when Brea’s grandmother passed away due to complications from dementia. For Brea, being successful in this field is a way of keeping her grandmother’s memory alive. I decided to partner with CEO, Brea Miles, on this program because this is a great opportunity to help families who are supporting loved ones fighting Alzheimer’s. I’m passionate about helping those in need, but there is also a personal connection for me as well. I had grandparents who struggled with symptoms of the disease, and I know all too well of the emotional roller coaster that comes with seeing your loved ones suffer with Alzheimer’s.

How will Never Alz Alone impact the world?

The social impact of our company/product is that we will raise safety awareness for Alzheimer’s patients. When the patient leaves their safe zone, an alert will be sent to the app on the caregiver’s end. The most important part of our product is the camera and audio receiver, which we hope to implement in nursing homes. The patient watch feature allows families to hop online anytime to see what’s going on with their family members, even when they can’t be there in person.

We plan to extensively educate our community about Alzheimer’s. We believe that the community should understand the impact of the disease and have a virtual experience to view the disease from a diagnosed individual’s perspective. Our hope is that education will create a stronger Alzheimer’s awareness.

What are the next steps for Never Alz Alone?

Our product will both educate people on the reality of those suffering with Alzheimer’s and seek to alleviate their suffering. A percentage of all sales will be donated to facilities and non-profits supporting those with Alzheimer’s through both research and care. As a company, we intend to be present for all local events related to the disease to show our sincere support for those living with Alzheimer’s. We are also committed to maintaining an affordable price point because our first priority is the patients and their well-being.

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