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Nonprofit Entrepreneuring Youth Launches IGNITE MY FUTURE Crowdfunding Campaign to Support New Summe


Entrepreneuring Youth (EYouth) has created and launched its first online crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. With an initial goal of $15,000, the campaign will run until July 30th and support EYouth’s entrepreneurship summer program for middle and high schoolers in Pittsburgh’s Hilltop communities.

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA  – On May 30th, Entrepreneuring Youth, a Pittsburgh-based nonprofit that teaches middle and high-school students entrepreneurial skills, launched its first crowdfunding campaign to support the Ignite My Future Summer Entrepreneurship Camp for kids. During the four-week camp, 25 students from the Hilltop communities will learn how to create their own business, develop a business plan and pitch their products to investors and customers. Detailed campaign information can be viewed at:

Over the last six years, EYouth’s in-depth entrepreneurial learning experiences have reached over 500 area students, some of whom remain engaged for multiple years. Through program facilitators at Beaver County Youth Entrepreneurship Collaborative, Brownsville Area School District, Entrepreneuring Youth’s Hilltop E-Center, Manchester Academic Charter School and Urban Pathways Charter School, students have learned to think and act like business owners.

“The success of our kids impacts the entire community,” said Jerry Cozewith, EYouth’s President and Co-Founder. “Our crowdfunding campaign will allow us to invite a large and diverse audience from the global community to make an investment in their future. The goal is to leverage donor support to help us transform their lives and revigorate the communities around them.”

Funds from the campaign will help EYouth hire instructors, pay for transportation to field trips and develop retail expos to enable students to learn from entrepreneurial business leaders and to earn money from the sale of their products.

For more information about the campaign contact Michelle Jackson at

About Entrepreneuring Youth

Entrepreneuring Youth is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization that develops entrepreneurial learning programs based on real life business creation experiences for middle school and high school students. EYouth’s vision is to offer every young person, regardless of their early life circumstances, the chance to seize and create opportunities to achieve the life they really want and to build the vitality of their community through entrepreneurship. To learn more visit:

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