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Southern Roots, Generational Curses & Family Secrets Explored in New Orleans Novelist’s New Book

Author Michelle D. Jackson

New Orleans, La – April 8, 2020 – From Darkness to Night: Book One – Family Secrets, written by award-winning novelist, Michelle D. Jackson, was released in e-book and paperback versions in February.

A visionary independent author with a keen insight into the human condition, with a focus on love and redemption, Jackson combines her southern roots with her personal interest to dissect the negative impacts of family secrets and generational curses in the black family. The novel is the first book of a two-part collection.

From Darkness to Night: Book One – Family Secrets was released earlier this year.

“This work is inspired by my personal journey to better understand our ability to overcome hard times and to persevere despite our circumstances,” said Jackson. “My novel tackles challenges that face many African-American families such as unbroken generational curses, mental illness and substance abuse. In addition, it takes on the often-fragile dynamic of black mother-daughter relationships.”

In the novel, Jackson’s main character is a misguided young woman, Reneata Morris, who struggles to make peace with her past and find true love. Living in the heart of Urban Dixie, in a small, working-class community in Alabama, Reneata fights to overcome the generational curse of poverty, addiction and sexual abuse whose influences affect her mental health and relationship with her family. Struggling to heal after the murder of her older brother, Ervin, an art prodigy, Reneata is reluctantly admitted to Bethany Skylar Mental Institution after a suicide attempt. Her time at the hospital is a blessing in disguise. While there, she befriends, Dr. Bobby Brown, a young, attractive psychiatrist who attempts to help Reneata face her fears about the past and chart a better life ahead. But unbeknownst to her, Dr. Brown knows something about the days leading up to her brother’s murder that he and her family all decide not to disclose in fear that it would setback her recovery.

Jackson published her first novel, The Heart of a Man, in 2010. In 2014, she was honored by The Author’s Zone Annual Competition for your work as a General Fiction writer. She is also the recipient of the Princeton Literary Review Gold Standard.

To read more about the book or to order a copy, visit the author’s website: or Amazon at To schedule interviews, book signings or book readings, email


Michelle D. Jackson is a native of Fairfield, Alabama. Her writing career took root in the late ʼ80s during her mid-teens as a participant and winner of several essay and poetry competitions. In 1990, she was selected to participate in the University of Alabama’s Multicultural Journalism Workshop, sponsored by the Dow Jones Newspaper Fund. Two years later, after graduating high school, she enrolled at the University, where she wrote for the College of Arts & Sciences’ Society of Fine Arts Newspaper. After successful public and private sector careers, Jackson has written for The Mount Christian Lifestyle Magazine and has had articles published in Essence Magazine and Biz Magazine New Orleans. She is also the owner of PR Solutions LLC and i.Invest National Youth Business Competition. Jackson lives in New Orleans, Louisiana with her husband and son. For more information, visit:

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