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Young Business Leader Develops Affordable Tool to Remove Common Mud Dauber Nests

Clayton Rasche

Clayton Rasche, 18, of Baton Rouge, LA, is one of this year’s competitors in the i.Invest National Youth Business Competition. Clayton is the founder of The Dobber Digger, a tool that removes dirt dauber nests, a form of wasp common throughout the United States that build their nests out of the mud, causing a major problem for homeowners.

We spoke with Clayton to learn more about the business venture:

Tell us about your startup:

I have been in the exterior cleaning industry for five years. This experience presented a common issue with hard-to-remove dirt dauber nests. The Dobber Digger will be established as a Limited Liability Company with the expectation of rapid expansion in the exterior cleaning product industry. This simple, yet exciting new tool will create a fast, affordable, and simple way to remove pesky dirt dauber nests in a 3-step method: scrape, scrub, rinse.

Who or what inspired you to start Dobber Digger?

I have worked in the exterior cleaning industry with my dad’s small company for five years. We’ve always needed a tool that can remove nests with ease. So, I researched to see what kind of tools existed for removing dauber nests, and I was surprised to find nothing of the sort. That is when I came up with the idea to invent the Dobber Digger, a tool that removes dirt dauber nests.

How will Dobber Digger impact the world?

The Dobber Digger creates a safe, fast, and affordable way to remove dirt dauber nests from your home! We, personally, conducted a survey of 100 Louisiana residents, and 97% agreed that there needs to be a tool for the removal of dauber nests. I love the south, and Louisiana at heart. I was born here and love my community. I want people to be proud of the look of their homes and not have to spend a lot of money to do so.

What are the next steps?

We are seeking funding to start the company. Our funding will go towards marketing and manufacturing costs, along with additional promotional items, such as t-shirts and a website.

To learn more about the Dobber Digger, visit their website, To mentor or offer support, email

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